About Us

We’ve represented thousands of patrons over the years in( mostly) DUI cases and criminal cases in Colorado Springs. When people are visiting this locate, they are upset and feared. They are unsure about what is going to happen to their lives. When we meet with them, we often find out that their biggest fear is “the unknown.”

That indecision and fear is the first thing we want to help you with. We do that by giving you useful information based on what happened in your case. Then we can start to work together to build acts better. We want to educate you and help you. To do that, we need to learn about you and your case.

We can give you different forms of DUI information on a website, but that doesn’t take the place of advice and opinions based on an understanding of your personal circumstances. Frankly, lots of points and maps on a website are probably just as mystifying as they are potentially helpful.